Is Online Gambling Legal In North Carolina?

The advent of the internet has opened up a new frontier of gambling opportunities. North Carolina gambling fans might be wondering if there are any sites out there offering legal options. We have read the legalese and have a firm understanding on what the law has to say.

In this article, we will clear the mist surrounding online gambling laws, and present the facts to you in plain English. There are many opportunities available to North Carolina players, read on to see what these are.

Are Super Bowl 52 Gambling Sites Legal In NC?

Legal Super Bowl BettingSuper Bowl 52 gambling sites are legal in North Carolina, with Bovada Sportsbook being one of the most popular sites. You can bet on all of the latest Super Bowl LII betting odds, which include betting on the moneyline, point spread, or game total. There are also thousands of Super Bowl 52 prop bets where you can wager on things like the outcome of the coin toss or color of the Gatorade shower. Some of the other legal North Carolina gambling sites for Super Bowl 52 betting include SportsBetting and BetOnline.

Is It Legal To Bet On Sports In North Carolina?

Sports betting is a pleasurable way to pass the time all over the world. Unfortunately, the US federal government has been hard on the sportsbooks, even though they largely leave bettors to their own devices. As of now, states may not sanction sports betting establishments except for in Delaware, Montana, Nevada and Oregon that are exempt from federal policy. Much like poker and casino gaming, most US residents must turn to online sports betting sites in order to indulge in this grand tradition. Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) of 1992 put a hitch in American sports fans wishes by banning sports betting venues from operating in most of America.

North Carolina state gambling laws do not mention sports betting in the literature, but you will not find a sports betting establishment around because of the PASPA. Because of this, there is no regulation on using online sports betting sites. In most states, it is relatively easy to find independent sports wagering organization that will accept money for bets. We highly advise against pursuing these options, as your money will not be safe. The feds could, and do, bust up illegal sports betting rackets all the time, this is something you do not want to be involved in.

There are many reputable ways to participate in legal gambling in Norh Carolina. and online sportsbooks offering safe sports betting options are a good every day choice. North Carolina will not be host to any of these sites, as the UIGEA does not allow them to function in America. As with poker and online casinos, the safest sports betting options are located overseas, in places where online sportsbooks are free to operate.

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Is It Legal To Play Casino Games For Money In North Carolina?

The Federal Laws that regulate online casino gaming are straightforward. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 effectively dismantled online casinos from functioning in the United States. This only means that you will not find an online casino establishment operating in your town. The great news is that there are numerous online casinos functioning outside of the US, where the laws of the lands that they reside on govern them.

North Carolina state laws penalizes “any person or organization that operates any game of chance”. With only one exception, you will not find a legal casino in the state. This law means to stop illegal gambling activities, not to stop the average bettor from having fun. Residents of North Carolina are not banned from using the legal sites that proliferate the web.

North Carolina is home to Harrah’s Resort & Casino, which is the only land-based casino in the state. Federal laws let most states regulate their own casino operations, and North Carolina is quite strict about illegal casinos attempting to set up shop. If you don’t live near Harrah’s don’t fret, many online casinos are host to thriving communities of gamblers.

When it comes to online casino games, the sites we review offer the best overall experiences in the world. These sites function out of places like Canada, and the UK, where online casinos can function legally. North Carolina residents can feel safe using these premier online casinos, as they have stellar reputations, and have been in business for decades.

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Is It Legal To Play Poker In North Carolina?

The UIGEA lumps poker in with illegal gambling, meaning you will not find many poker rooms in the states. When the law passed in 2006, all online poker sites in America shut down in a day known through the poker community as “Black Friday”. This left many card fans feeling helpless. Luckily, most internet-savvy poker players have discovered legal online poker rooms accepting North Carolina players that have been functioning outside of the US for decades. The Federal Laws cannot regulate these sites because they fall outside of US jurisdiction. Since no law prevents North Carolina residents from playing on these sites, they may play legally with legal enterprises.

The only mention of poker in the North Carolina state law is in reference to video poker as a type of slot machine. The law prohibits slot machines, as it does gambling establishments. Therefore, just as you won’t find any casinos (except Harrah’s) in the state, you won’t find any poker rooms either.

Online poker rooms are more popular than ever right now, and there are many options out there for North Carolina residents. These sites function out of places like the Republic of Panama, and Canada, where they can operate legally. The NC state laws are similar to the federal laws, in that operating an online poker site is not permitted, but using a legal offshore site is okay.

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Online Gambling Sites That Are Legal For North Carolina Residents

We have scoured the web for the best online gambling sites in the business. Judging on everything from signup bonuses, to payout speeds, these sites offer the greatest gambling experiences in the world. You always want to check the “about us” pages on any gambling sites you come across, as they will usually tell you if the site is licensed by a gaming commission. The sites we review carry reputations of superior excellence, and are all licensed. There are some great options awaiting North Carolina gambling fans.

Bovada Sportsbook
Accepts North Carolina Residents At Least 18 Years Old

If you are looking for the most prestigious gambling site in the industry, Bovada holds the top rank. Home to the biggest and best sportsbook, over 150 casino games, horse racing, and a thriving poker community, this site has all you could ask for and more. Operating out of Quebec, Canada, and licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, this site has been serving up the best gambling action for over two decades. Bovada is where the pros play when they’re not at the brick and mortar establishments. Don’t let that scare you though, Bovada welcomes gamblers of all skill levels, and have an ever-growing community of like-minded players.

Bovada's exciting sign up bonuses and on-going promotions will keep users busy for weeks. Signup at Bovada and get Welcome Bonuses, to Racebook Rebates, to Sports Bonuses and Poker tournaments, they will spoil you with options. Moreover, that’s what Bovada does best. They treat members like family, and this family happens to be royalty. You won’t get a “silver spoon”, but you will be eligible to receive generous bonus money for much of your gambling adventure. The list of perks is too big to list in this review, but check out the bonuses page at Bovada and you will have a hard time keeping up. There is a reason USA Today and CBS Sports have spoken well about Bovada, they give their members a truly gratifying experience.