Legal Gambling In North Carolina

Legal North Carolina gambling sites have effectively become the quickest way to begin gambling. If you live in the state, you will have access to dozens of sites that will take your dollar and allow you to freely gamble as you desire. We have found that a number of casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms can all be played when living in the state of North Carolina. We have located a number of different gambling sites, covering the entire expanse of gambling found in Vegas, and we are here to share them, along with some of the laws and regulations, with all of our readers. We aim to be as thorough as possible, and we will periodically update our information as time goes on in order to offer you easy access to what the Internet has to offer in terms of gambling.

With the legal landscape so harsh in the United States, there are few legal North Carolina gambling options. The residents that are looking for action still have some great places to go for most of their gaming since the Cherokee nation offers many choices for land-based casinos. While you can find some nice casino and poker action, the Federal laws of the United States make it tough for many states to have a legal choice for sportsbooks, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any great options out there.

Even in North Carolina, it’s possible for someone to wager on their favorite team, join a weekly sit-in poker tournament, and have a ton of chances on a colorful 5-reel slot machine. There are 100% legal gambling options in North Carolina and the state residents trust them. We are talking about legal online gambling for North Carolina residents.

Is Online Gambling Legal in North Carolina?

Yes, online gambling is completely legal in North Carolina, as long as you are using a trusted site. There are some laws that make these sites mandatory if you want to find certain kinds of action. For instance, the federal government put a comprehensive ban on betting on sporting events and competitions. The PASPA is a federal law that clearly outlines how it is unlawful to take a bet on sports in almost all of the US. There is a great method of completely legal North Carolina gambling but these laws put a large clamp down on the operation of land-based casinos here in the United States. These laws were meant to weed out the crooked bookies, not to indict the casual bettor, but they had a larger effect.

Here’s exactly why it’s legal for the websites to operate, none of these great affiliates operate a gambling website within the jurisdiction of the federal government. Websites operating legally in their own countries aren’t subject to the same laws that govern the gambling institutions here in the US. State residents of North Carolina can go online and gamble without having to worry about the consequences of breaking laws. They won’t have to worry about if their online gambling is legal.

Can I Get In Trouble for Online Gambling in North Carolina?

The government of North Carolina hasn’t ever legislated a bill that bans or prohibits any citizen of the state from participating in making a wager or placing bets. These online services offer players a trouble-free way for online gambling in North Carolina. No one has been arrested in violation of the UIGEA or the Wire Act in North Carolina. These laws made accepting bets punishable by law; but these laws don’t have any jurisdiction over someone placing a bet with a legitimate site.

The only thing that anyone has to worry about is if they are of legal gambling age. The online services allow players to participate in online gambling as long as they are at least 18 years of age, or the legal gambling age of the area they live in. Most websites will defer to the higher of the two ages. If a player is found in violation of this policy, it could result in the loss of the online account, possible prosecution from state and local governments, or the forfeiture of funds.

Can North Carolina Online Gambling Sites Be Trusted?

There are plenty of reasons why some sites are better than the rest, and most of those reasons revolve around safety. These legal North Carolina gambling sites can be trusted. These sites give all the players a chance to play online legally. Their own governments, as well as the people at gaming commissions from all over the world regulate these websites. These are licensed gambling websites and they can be trusted to provide their users with a fun way to play. Many gambling sites have been in business for over 20 years and provide their players with excellent customer service.

Is My Money Safe When Depositing Into a Legal Gambling Site?

They provide their users with state of the art technology for all transactions. The network for all online deposits is secure and handled by trusted affiliates for accuracy. There are many methods for depositing into the account after signing up. Gambling sites will usually accept many forms of currency for deposits like, credit/debit cards, money orders, or checks.

What Are Deposit Bonuses and How Do They Work?

If you know what free money is, then you pretty much know what deposit bonuses are. These legal North Carolina gambling websites hand out so many amazing sign up bonuses to everyone who makes a deposit. These places offer a 100% on your initial deposit and 25% or more return on every deposit afterwards.

North Carolina Legal Gambling Statistics
Legal Gambling Age In North Carolina
21 - Casinos, Poker / 18 - Lottery, Bingo
Types of Legal Online Gambling In North Carolina
Poker, Sports Betting, Casinos
Best North Carolina Gambling Deposit Method
Credit Cards & eWallets
Best Online Casino For North Carolinians
Lucky Red - $1K Bonus For Games, $4K Slots
Best Online Sportsbook for North Carolinians
BetOnline - Wager on Tarheels, Blue Devils, & Panthers
Best Online Poker Room For North Carolinians
BetOnline Poker - $1,100 & Legal For All North Carolinians
North Carolina Gambling Legal Requirements

​When players are looking for online gambling sites one of the first things they were about is whether or not there is online gambling legal in North Carolina. The state's constitution and statutes are devoid of anything specifically saying that these games are illegal, so you realistically have nothing to worry about on that front. Throw in the fact that the Federal government has not yet made any specific ban against playing online gambling and what effectively have carte blanche to not get in trouble. You do have to follow the legal gambling age, however. If you need to know what is the legal gambling age in North Carolina, know that it is 21.

Legal North Carolina Online Sportsbooks

When it comes to sports betting, there has been a lot of debate over the legal issues. We have been following this industry for quite a while, and there is one thing we can definitively say - most of the laws pertaining to online sports gambling, indeed sports gambling on a whole, only pertains to the operation of a sportsbook, not playing through one. When you ask if there is online sports betting legal in North Carolina, you will want to remember that you cannot actually open your own sportsbook, but you can participate in those that exist.

If you live in North Carolina, you can travel down to the casino, but you can’t put your money down on any legal state sports betting. The option lives only on the internet. The laws of the federal government restrict many states from allowing their citizens to participate in sports betting. Fortunately for the people in this state, they have some great options. The online books can be accessed from anywhere with their mobile apps. These mobiles apps feature views that will show complete season or weekly listings and allow players to be the first to place their wagers, from the game, the office, or the bed.

Bovada Sportsbook
Betting Lines On All North Carolina Games

Bovada is a sportsbook that has been operating for more than 15 years, and the quality of their betting site is nearly insurmountable. They provide one of the most extensive sets of lines and odds, with lines on every sport ranging from the NFL to auto racing and cycling. Nothing has been left out of their sportsbook. We have found that Bovada provides their users with a 10% unlimited match bonus, which offers as much money as you can afford to deposit. Bovada has never ripped off a player, they always pay their users in a timely fashion, and you will never have to contend with a failed deposit. MyPayLinq, VISA and wire transfers can all be used to make payments into your sportsbook

BetOnline Sportsbook
Lifetime Bonuses + Mobile App

BetOnline is another gaming center that provides players with a solid number of betting lines, based on a large number of sports and an even wider range of betting types. BetOnline kicks off their user's accounts with a free 25% match to $100, which gives their players a solid cash infusion. We found that BetOnline accepts MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Diners Club, wire transfers and money transfers. BetOnline accepts bets on over a dozen different types of event, with professional, amateur, team and individual sports all available. Few other sportsbooks are as comprehensive as BetOnline, and you can always find a new line on a new event day in day out.

Top North Carolina Legal Online Sportsbooks
Sportsbook Bonus North Carolina Welcome? Visit
Bovada Sportsbook 50% Up To $250 First Deposit Yes Visit
BetOnline Sportsbook $1,000 On All Deposits - 25% Yes Visit
SportsBetting 50% Match On First Deposit Yes Visit
5Dimes Sportsbook 50% To $200 Then 20% To $500 Yes Visit

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Legal North Carolina Online Casinos

There are few brick and mortar casinos in the state of North Carolina, but there are plenty of online casinos. This is the best way to enjoy all of the famous games found in a major Vegas casino, be it something as esoteric as craps or something as easy as blackjack. Slots, video poker and much more can be found in the huge assortment of casinos that are on the market. We have tested out many casinos, and we have only decided to share those that cleared all of our requirements. With any luck, you could easily become one of the big winners that these casinos advertise. Though there is debate over whether or not there are online casinos legal in North Carolina, we can assure you that you will not face any legal issues from gaming online.

Lucky Red Casino
Slots & Other Games Bonuses Available

Very few casinos can keep up with Lucky Red Casino in terms of the level of money that can be collected in both bonuses and winnings. Lucky Red provides their players with a solid set of promotions, starting with a 400% match to $4,000 on slots. All new players can collect this bonus or a 100% match to $1,000, which gives a bonus to table games and video poker. Lucky Red Casino has brought their users a number of options for play, with over 100 games at their disposal. Jazz Time is their most recent slot, and players are already winning big money on this game. Lucky Red Casino could ultimately prove to be one of the most generous casinos online, and we can tell you that Lucky Red will never lead you to a bad experience.

Slots Bonuses For North Carolina Residents is a great website that has been operating for many years. They are one of the newest sites and they have made a name for themselves in the online casino community. uses Real Time Gaming (RTG) software and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has endorsed the site. You will find a huge selection of online slots, table games, and video poker machines. This site accepts all users that are over the legal gambling age or 18 years old. gives away more money in welcome bonuses than most online casinos combined, and all qualifying deposits can opt for these rewards. Getting your account set up is free, and when you make a safe credit card deposit, you’ll be making your first spins within minutes. Check out this great site today.

Aladdin's Gold Casino
Everyone 18+ Allowed To Play

If you want the Vegas slot machines without the travel costs, make your way to Aladdin’s Gold Casino. This site has all the best parts of any online casino with hundreds of various slot machines, video poker, and Vegas-style table games. They have progressive slot machines that pay out enormous jackpots because these machines are linked to multiple sites and have millions of people paying into the pool every day. This site employs Real Time Gaming software and many reputable gaming commissions have endorsed them. The slot machines on Aladdin’s Gold Casino are loose as a goose and you’re not going to be punching through the monitor because of a near miss. We recommend you try them out today, because their players are always cashing out giant winnings, and you can see this all on the leaderboard.

Top North Carolina Legal Online Casinos
Casino Bonus Software Visit
Lucky Red Casino 400% up to $4,000 RTG Visit Casino $5,000 Welcome Bonus RTG Visit
Aladdin's Gold Casino 200% Unlimited RTG Visit
Club World Casino 100% up to $777 RTG Visit
Manhattan Slots Casino 100% up to $747 RTG Visit
High Noon Casino 200% up to $2,000 RTG Visit
Bovada Casino 8 Match Bonuses Worth $3,000 RTG Visit
BetOnline Casino 100% up to $1,000 RTG Visit
All Star Slots Casino 65% FREE Deposit Bonus x4 RTG Visit
SportsBetting Casino 25% Casino Re-up Bonus RTG Visit

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Legal North Carolina Online Poker

Online poker is yet another solid choice for online gambling, with more winners being made out of these games than any other. We can tell you that there are plenty of options at your disposal, and the laws do not make these gambling sites explicitly illegal for the player. The question of whether there is online poker legal in North Carolina is not easily answered, bu we can tell you that you do not have to worry about arrest in the event that you wish to play online poker.

BetOnline Online Poker
Our Most Recommended Gambling Site

BetOnline is one of the main poker rooms we have examined, as they have made it very easy for players to figure out what can be found. We can tell you that no major form of poker has been ignored. Seven Card stud, draw games, Omaha Hold 'em and North Carolina Hold 'em have all been found through the online poker room at BetOnline. A 110% match can be collected through BetOnline, giving up to $100 up front, with an additional $1,000 unlocked over time. BetOnline has long proven to be one of the most impressive gambling sites around, and their poker room is no different.

Top North Carolina Legal Online Poker Sites
Poker Site Bonus North Carolina Welcome? Visit
BetOnline Poker 100% First Deposit Bonus Yes Visit
SportsBetting Poker Room 100% Bonus On Deposits Yes Visit
North Carolina Land-Based Gambling

There are not that many brick and mortar gambling businesses in the state of North Carolina. There is a Harrah's in Cherokee, and this is one of the most significant of all of the gambling locations in the state. Other than this, there are few other options for gambling in the state. With this casino, players have asked what is the legal gambling age in North Carolina. Simply put, you have to be 21 years old in order to play.

Overall Synopsis of Legal North Carolina Gambling

You should never be without a way to gamble in the state of North Carolina. We have determined that players are regularly joining in on the games, and we are here to help those do so safely. We have not listed any low quality gaming site on our list, and you can only experience a fair and stable game play experience if you join up with any of our options. Security, safety and fairness were our top priorities, and we can assure you that there will never be a problem if you stick with these legal online gambling sites that accept North Carolina residents.

Legal Gambling In North Carolina

Now that you know the processes that are in place, and the legal options you have, you can feel good about going out and placing some bets. There are many options for North Carolina residents, and we can assuredly say that the best ones are found online. These legal North Carolina gambling sites offer the best in sports betting, poker, and casino gaming.