North Carolina Gambling Laws & Statutes

North Carolina residents might be wondering how the laws surrounding gambling affect them. Federal and state laws sometimes differ when it comes to wagering, and there are differing stipulations for land-based and online venues. The legalese can be tough to comprehend, so we have gone through it to present you with a clear understanding of what kind of gambling pursuits are allowable.

This page will demystify the laws surrounding gambling in North Carolina, and clearly define the available options. N.C. residents are pursuing numerous wagering experiences every day, and once you have a clear understanding of what is acceptable, you will be able to join in the fun.

Important State Gambling Laws in North Carolina

Like many other states in the Nation, North Carolina state gambling laws operate in a legal grey area. They do not delineate between online/land-based gambling, but they do have certain stipulations for operating a gambling establishment. We will take you through the prominent points in the law, and explain how they affect you.

§ 14-292 - This sounds worse than it is. When using legal online wagering sites, you are not actually using your money to gamble. These sites let you buy chips, or “points” as a product, and then you are free to do with that product what you please. This method is akin to buying tokens with which to play games at Chuck-E-Cheese. Since you are not using your money in a direct wagering activity, you are not breaking the law.

§ 14-293 - This is similar to the UIGEA ban on online gambling establishments in the states. You will not find an online wagering site operating in North Carolina. This is the rule throughout almost all of America, which is why choosing an overseas site is the safest method.

§ 14-296 - This ban on slot machines further adds to the definition of an illegal gambling establishment. Some homeowners install slot machines in their homes for fun, and occasionally profit. This is not wise, as each pull of the lever can be a separate offense. Online gambling sites offer the best virtual casino experience in the business, and you are allowed to play their machines as often as you like.

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Federal Laws Affecting Gambling & Online Gambling In North Carolina

Before exploring any federal laws in too much depth, it is important to note that none of these laws target players. While they all attack the facilitation of online gambling, the federal government will not prosecute or try any players.

Federal Wire Act – Gambling proliferated in the states during the 20th century. Americans were wagering boatloads of money daily, and organized crime developed a foothold on the industry. The Federal government decided to step in in 1961 by passing the Federal Wire Act. They passed this law to enforce laws on bookmaking tied to criminal activities. The Wire Act criminalized the use of wire transmission devices used to assist wagering practices tied to sports betting or contests. Strangely enough, it was ;later ruled that “wire communication” included the internet.

PASPA – In 1992, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) passed to regulate sports betting in the states. The PASPA effectively prohibited sports betting establishments from functioning in most of the United States. The law still allows a few states to offer sports betting, so long as it was established in that state before the PASPA took effect. These states are Delaware, Montana, Nevada and Oregon. This law only targets “Sports betting organizations” from functioning, meaning that citizens may use legal online betting sites located overseas.

UIGEA – The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 brought about new restrictions to online gambling. The UIGEA restricts gambling sites from functioning within most of the US. This just means that you will not find an online gambling venue near your house. The law criminalizes the operators of unlawful internet gambling establishments, but the act does not ban the mere participation in online betting or wagering. The many online gambling sites located overseas are legal to use because the laws of the lands they reside on govern them. That is why millions of Americans are using these sites every day.

North Carolina Land Based Gambling

There is only one land-based sanctioned casino in North Carolina, and that is Harrah’s Resort and Casino. Here you can play many of your favorite casino games, although there is no sports betting and the poker games are limited. Many legal online gambling sites offer no-limit poker, horse races, and everything in between. Millions of Americans are using these sites every day, making them a great option for North Carolina residents.

North Carolina Gambling Age

Gambling ages vary by state, and it is always smart to read your state laws to be aware. The legal gambling age in North Carolina is 18, although Harrah’s restricts anyone under 21 from entering the casino. Many states are the same way, offering 21+ casinos, but making the legal age 18. Most of the overseas sites only require you to be 18 to play. It is a good idea to have a handle on the state laws before signing up at an online gambling site. Some sites might require you to be 21. A good rule of thumb is to go with the higher number when looking at the state/online gambling age.

Online Gambling In North Carolina...What's The Verdict?

We hope that this site has illuminated legal gambling for North Carolina residents as is it today. N.C. is similar to most stated in America in that it doesn’t ban the average gambler from using legal wagering venues. You will not find many sports betting/ poker rooms located in North Carolina, but you are within your rights to use the sites that operate overseas. Check our online gambling review pages to see which sites allow you to use their services legally. The gambling world is constantly evolving, and what is illegal today might be completely legitimate tomorrow. American legislators know that there is a lot of money players can make from gambling, and many experts predict online venues will be legal in most states within the next few years. As of now, there are plenty of overseas sites to ease your gambling whims.

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